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Coco | Pet Photographer | Myrtle Beach, SC

February 6, 2018

Coco is a handsome seven year old Cocker Spaniel. He enjoys going for long walks, playing fetch and lives a very social life. When Coco wants to make a little noise...he LOVES playing with his favorite squeaky toy, it's a yellow pig that sounds just like a pig when he squeaks it!! (This is seriously the coolest dog toy I think I've ever seen)!!


Coco's favorite person to go to would be his "dad" Jason, these two have a pretty awesome bond!! Coco LOVES to be around people and other dogs...just as long as he is getting attention he's a happy camper. ;) "Will work for treats" would be a great sign for Coco to wear, he will do anything for treats and attention. He absolutely loves to go to the store and expects something each time he goes...that sounds like a few other doggies I know too.  ;)





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