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Best Friend Session | Portrait Photographer | Myrtle Beach, SC

Gabriella & Abigail had their photo session the same day, once they were both finished with professional hair and makeup, we captured a few photos of them together. Their outfits complemented each other’s perfectly and they both look amazing! Having an updated photo taken is always fun, but having photos taken with your best friend is even more fun! As you can see my dog Kitty Kat (you can read more about her in a blog post later) things anytime I pull the backdrop down, she thinks its her turn to get her pictures taken. So each time we tried to get a picture of these two beautiful ladies, Kitty would walk over and sit down. Silly girl is so use to the camera that she things it is her turn every time.

Hair and makeup done by Anna of Flawless Bridal Lounge.

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