• Casie McCabe

Kami | Myrtle Beach Pet Photographer | Casie McCabe Photography

Breed: Boxer

Age: 5 years old

Kami doesn't really like to play with toys; she is very mature for her age, lol! She is very independent and has been known to scoff at her younger siblings for chasing a ball.

Kami is very special to her owners and she loves attention. Kami will wiggle into your lap when you're not looking so that you pay attention to her. She's protective of her siblings and although she's the smallest, don't be fooled. Dynamite comes in small packages. She's very loyal to her family too.

Kami loves her daddy and mommy both ❤

Kami's favorite treat is peanut butter ice cream for pets! She loves peanut butter!

Kami loves car rides and loves to hang her head out the window (and give her mommy a heart attack) while riding.

Her magic words are: Park, Ride, Outside

Kami was diagnosed with stage four cancer late October 2016. Brooke and Steven were heartbroken to discover this news from their vet. Since the diagnosis, the family has been making trips to the beach, dog park and car rides are a top priority! The couple has been making the most of Kami's days left here on earth. Kami has been in their family for five years. She's a wonderful part of our family who we love dearly. Kami has taught us all about unconditional love.



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