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5 Things you didn't know about me

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1. Pickiest Eater

I am the pickiest eater you will probably ever meet, lol I eat like a child...chicken strips and french fries, cheese pizza, cheese nachos...all the things. In all honesty, I truly get anxiety when going to a new place to eat with acquaintances, if I haven't been able to look at the menu before hand (to see if they have children's food on the adult menu). Crazy right?! Even if we go to someone's house for dinner I don't know well, (I have to know ahead of time what they are making, to know if I need to eat before going). This way I can say "oh I'm not really hungry" (even if Im starving) because I feel bad saying, oh I don't like that, or that, and definitely not that either. Only to have them offer to make me something different...I don't want to be a bother, so I just try to avoid that at all cost. Is there anyone else like this, that does the same or similar? Its so stressful! lol

2. Dad Jokes

I love puns and squeezing them in anyplace I can, for a good laugh. I basically have "Dad jokes" and I'm totally ok with that. Just as long as theirs laughter in the air and everyone is having fun, thats all that matters. I mean who doesn't want to have a good time laughing till our abs hurt. Amen to that!

3. should be its own food group

Everyone has a go to snack they could simply eat for a meal and be ok with it, right? No? Just me...alrighty then. For me its popcorn, and all those delicious popcorn seasonings that you sprinkle onto it to make it taste even better than it already does (seems impossible doesn't it). I usually end up putting to much on mine and choke just about every time, but thats alright. My all time favorite flavors are Nacho Cheese, White Cheddar and Ranch, in that order to be exact. Have you tried any of these? If not you are really missing out on probably one of the cheapest, snacks around. Below is the link you can see all the flavors they have to offer.

4. Adventure

I love traveling everywhere, it could be to a new country, state, town, anyplace really. It doesn't matter if its by plane, boat, car...I have my favorites for different reasons, but I'll save that for another post.

5. I write, like I talk

To all the grammar police out there, this is probably what your nightmares are made of. I write, like I talk, run on sentences, grammar errors; basically, "If I'm telling you a story be prepared to have 7 mini conversations and 19 other stories thrown into it because I can't stay focused" and at some point I will ask you, "where was I going with that". But just know I'll get to the point somewhere along the line. Thus I am keeping todays blog post at, 5 Things you didn't know about me.

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